custom boards have been my passion since 1986

life is short, when you have time to get in the water, ride good boards!

I've been very fortunate to make a living by building custom boards since 1986.  


I made my first board at 17 years old in my mother's backyard (she was happy I had the drive to make myself a board, not too stoked on the mess.....I think there is still resin on her back porch).  At 18, I was invited to join Bob (shaper, designer) and John (laminator and sander) Miller at Advanced Surf Designs (ASD) as a polisher.  John broke his leg 6 months later and I got thrown into the laminating and sanding room.  At that time we were making mostly polyester sailboards with a few surfboards in the mix.  About a year later we began vacuum bagging PVC (polyvinyl chloride) to lightweight EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam cores.  By 1988 we were vacuum bagging 80% of our product.  Our boards were strong, very light weight and won numerous events.


I moved to Ocean Beach, San Francisco in 1989 to attend SFSU's Industrial Design program (while working with Bob and John).  I finished school and opened SF Surf Shop in 1994 with fellow shaper/builder John Schultze.  We had a very unique shop by today's standards.  As owners, both of us were also shaper/builders and we were at the shop every day.  Our shop was also very much a part of the community as we hosted neighborhood BBQs at the shop every few months.


In 1999 I moved to the North Shore of Oahu, where I have lived ever since.  Here I have been able to meet and make boards for a bunch of good people and some very talented riders.    

some recent accomplishments:

2008 Hawaii State Governor's Innovation by Indiviuals Award 

2009 Molokai to Oahu 14' SUP stock division 1st place - Andrew Logreco

2010 Molokai to Oahu 14' SUP stock division 1st place - Andrew Logreco

2010 ASP Longboard World Tittle - Duane DeSoto

2011 Molokai to Oahu 14' SUP stock division 2nd place - Andrew Logreco

2011 Co-founded FLIGHT BOARDS HAWAII - click blue icon to view molded boards 

2012 Stand Up World Tour at Sunset Beach 1st place - Bonga Perkins

These accomplishments were all made possible by using leading edge (enviromently sensitive) materials, advanced building techniques coupled with functional designs.  

I am happy to build custom boards in any construction, but currently I am most excited about the "stringerless" EPS boards with a vaccum bagged bamboo veneers for surfboards and surf SUPs and carbon/bamboo for distance SUPs.